About Us

SMB Studio Arts Inc. offers art and design programs that cover a broad spectrum to benefit pre-K students, as well as those who aspire to art careers — including beginners and advanced adults. It offers disciplines for those who wish to expand their horizons and develop their talents, as well as inexperienced creative types who wish to pursue a commercial career — and especially those who seek acceptance to a university or art school.

The program will offer basic drawing, cartooning, mixed media, oil and watercolor painting, digital photography and design, and portfolio preparation. An upscale waiting area for parents and friends is provided.

Preschool art subjects will be available, as well as some new entries: Family art collaborations, digital design, digital photography, and more. Commercial career path opportunities will be offered as will applications of new technology.

T: 718.984.5700 | F: 718.984.5702 | Email: smbstudioarts@verizon.net