$ 210.00

All prices include Registration fee ($15)

Ages 11-14 | 4:00pm - 6:30pm | Winter Art IV 2019 

Thursday, February 21st - March 14th | 4:00pm - 6:30pm

Instructor : Anthony Nuccio

Throughout the curriculum of “Elements of Photography”, the student will divulge into the fundamentals of photography, as well as the digital editing and everyday use aspect of it. Taught by Anthony Nuccio, accredited photographer, the student will learn how to take landscape, still life, and meaningful photographs personalized to his or her unique personality. After every photoshoot, the student will then select their preferred photos and learn how to professionally alter them with a multitude of photo editing platforms. The student will also be given the choice to select their camera of choice from cell phone to other types of cameras, as well as, to edit on a computer or a phone. At times, with consent from the parent and accompanied by a chaperone, the student will also adventure outside to nearby places to photograph.

Some of the curriculum includes:

~ Aim, Focus, Center, Natural v Unnatural Lighting, Positioning, Clarity

~ Editing Photos on Digital Editing Softwares

~ Different Tools At Your Disposal

~ Genres of Photography:

        ~ Landscape

        ~ Still Life

        ~ People

        ~ Message


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